Donnerstag, 15. November 2012

The original Kamen Rider


Kamen Rider 2 is 172 cm (5 ft, 7 inches) tall, 

weighs 65 kg (143 lbs) and can jump up to 15 meters 
(49 feet). Kamen Rider 2's special combat techniques 
include "Rider Kick", "Rider Kaiten (Rotating) Kick", 
"Rider Punch", and with Kamen Rider 1, "Rider Sharin 
(Wheel)" and "Rider Double Kick". 


Kamen Rider 2's motorcycle was Cyclone 2. 

Cyclone 2's top speed was 400km/h (approx. 249 mph). 
Cyclone 2 would later be replaced by New Cyclone 2 
(top speed 500km/h or 310 mph). Ichimonji, Hayato 
rode an ordinary looking motorcycle which could 
transform into Cyclone 2 or New Cyclone 2 when he 
transformed into Kamen Rider 2.