Dienstag, 15. Mai 2012

style or mod? Paris IV

is this style? or is this a mod on a mod-bike with a mod-bag and mod-shoes and a mod-helmet? Or is this a modern rocker with washed hair and is he shaved under his arms? are we all this? 

oh my god

when motorcycling gets strange, wild and noisy, sand elektrifies everything, wind blows you from the street and you see nothing - just these two red lights of this transporter infront of you - full throttle, follow him.

hey, there´s a truck coming ...


Freitag, 11. Mai 2012

my first camera

Voigtländer VITO B hoch 1957

Hersteller: Kamerawerk Voigtländer
Kameratyp: Kleinbildkamera 24×36 mm
Filmtyp: Kleinbildfilm 135
Objektiv: 1:3.5 / f=50 mm / „Color-Skopar“
Verschluss: vollsynchronisierter „Prontor SVS“
Sucher: Newton-Sucher mit Kristall-Leuchtrahmen 1:1-Abbildung
Grösse: B=110 mm H=75 mm T=70 mm
Gewicht: 600 g

pics by Steve