Freitag, 14. September 2012

Bosozoku biker Gangs

Bosozoku biker Gangs 
once ruled 
the streets of Japan.

These days though they are more of a nuisance than anything else, revving their engines and riding like lunatics through quiet neighbourhoods. While this doesn't sound all that cool the Bosozoku style is about as individual as you could imagine and it was only a matter of time before someone outside of Japan added a bit of Bosozoku to one of their builds. 

Bosozoku which translates to "Violent Running Tribe" is the name given to lawless groups of Japanese youths that terrorize the streets of Japan.

 Bosozoku ride illegally modified motorcycles which commonly feature elements reminiscent of American Choppers and Cafe Racers. Large, over-sized fairings and Ape style handle bars, over the top paint schemes and gang style motifs, stickers, flags and excessively noisy exhausts all come together to create their unique look.